The BIG Day…

5 May

Well…the BIG day is finally here…but it isn’t quite so big…

1,200 people in town isn’t quite as big as our typical summer days of 10,000 people entering our tiny town via the cruise ships. It’s a quiet, nice start. In fact…I’d consider it more of a warm-up for the season. The store is presentable, although certainly not done. Half of the items aren’t priced…but they’re out on the shelves! The new floor looks incredible, and totally changes the feel of the store! The locals keep stopping by to tell us how much they like it. It feels classier, warmer, and just…I don’t know…richer (richer in color…not money…although I’d like to think it feels richer that way, too…Let the tourists SPEND SPEND SPEND)! Just don’t enter our back room. In fact, you probably won’t be able to. It is stuffed to the gills! But that takes last priority…

So, it seems that our week-long of long work days has come to an end. From here on out…we will try not to work longer than 12 hours per day. Poor kids…they managed to stay at work with us until midnight (or later) almost every day this past week. For Maiya…it’s no big deal…she just sleeps in her playpen. But for Ella…oh…poor girl. Yes, she has managed to take a “nap” at the store before we head home for the night. What a trooper! Seriously…is Child Services going to knock on our door? Well…come to think of it…if they went home to knock on our door…they wouldn’t find us! We’re at WORK! With OUR KIDS!! Until MIDNIGHT! So…perhaps we win the bad parenting award for this past week? But we’ll try to turn our lives around…

Highlights of the past week?

ELLA STARTED LITTLE DIPPERS DAYCARE! WOHOOO!! Now, we should really count THAT as the BIG day of the year. That girl NEEDED some friends to play with. They have reported at daycare (and in Primary) that she is very shy and reserved. Not the Ella we know. So…perhaps she’ll warm back up to her former self soon?

Jared and I had our 5th Anniversary. Don’t worry…we celebrated with a kiss. Then we worked until midnight. šŸ™‚ Bad timing…eh? Every year…

Hmm…so…now Jared is back with our packages from the Post Office…and it is time to get back to work. Receiving packages is like CHRISTMAS!! But with work attached…pricing, entering in the computer, displaying, cleaning, etc…


2 Responses to “The BIG Day…”

  1. Yasmine May 8, 2008 at 1:15 am #

    One of these years I WILL come to visit you up there!

  2. Brittany May 8, 2008 at 10:40 pm #

    you should post pictures of the new office so we can see it.

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