Driving to Alaska, remodeling, etc

8 May

Finally…here are some photos from our drive to Alaska this year. I just uploaded them on the computer, and realized that if I didn’t post now…I probably wouldn’t ever post them.

The lovely snow storm that we were in for almost a full day…

A moose standing by the water…
The best view on the trip…

When we arrived, we quickly started remodeling the store. In other words…we rearranged EVERYTHING, took apart all of the displays, and ripped out our carpet. We had the help of Will & Krista Kubie (from KS…here to work for the summer), and some of our landlord’s staff came in to help in exchange for the carpet (heck, ya)!

One of the other more recent projects we tackled was hanging up new slatwall in our storage room, allowing us more flexibility with our shelves. We were given free slatwall from a neighboring business, and Ella had the duty of scraping off the paint (pretty easy, really…not child labor).
And here’s Ella helping us drill (haha…helping?). She’s on the WONDERFUL shelves my dad built for us a couple summers ago.
And Ella discovered a new mode of transportation. You should see her scooter around on this…it’s hysterical!
Ella managed our late nights pretty well…most of the time…

With all that in mind…I have to admit that I am now molting, shedding, decomposing, or whatever you want to call it. It happened 4-5 months after I had Ella, too. Apparently postpartum results in my hair falling out in crazy amounts. Every time I touch my head, I pull out a whole hair ball. So, one might say…”Alisa, stop touching your hair!” If only it were that simple. Even if I DON’T touch it, I find huge hairballs on my pillows, sheets, on the floor, on my clothes, etc. I would take a photo…but you would be disgusted. When you look at my hair, you can actually see that is terribly thin (for me, at least) around the edges…and probably everywhere. The worst part about all of this is that I know what comes next: Once my hair begins to grow back, I get a lovely short tuft of hair right on my hairline on my forehead. It is just ridiculous…and results in a little fro/curl (depending on the day) right on my hairline. It takes forever to grow out. At least babies have an excuse for being bald…

Jared has reminded me that HE is working…which is definitely a polite chastisement.
So…I better get back to work!

2 Responses to “Driving to Alaska, remodeling, etc”

  1. Lisa May 9, 2008 at 5:48 am #

    Thanks for the pictures! I have really been wanting to see your store 🙂

    About the hair falling out….me too!!!!! It happens every time and I can't stand it. It comes out by the handful. I am hoping it stops soon….before I really am bald.

  2. Stacey May 14, 2008 at 3:49 am #

    wow! how exciting! you guys have been SO busy! can i borrow some of your hair, i've never had much to begin with 🙂

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