The End of an Era…

11 Oct
Not ours, not yet. It takes a bit more time to blog about that…

So, I will instead focus on a distraction…

When I first came to Skagway, I was booked as “showgirl” in a 4 person musical about the history of Skagway and the Gold Rush. It was quite the summer, and I learned a lot about who I am (and am not) that year. Sure, for employment, I wore a cancan skirt, fishnet tights, an feathers in my hair…but my lewd behavior stopped there. Whew.

This isn’t a picture of me, but I suppose it could have been (just imagine someone MUCH shorter). If you want to see a fun cancan picture of me, you’ll have to look me up in Facebook…where a former cast member tagged me with a fun photo 🙂

But this post isn’t about me…
It’s about this gentleman here, Jim Richards:

He has played the lead role in “The Days of ’98 Show with Soapy Smith” for 36 years! And since 300+ performances are done each summer, that is a LOT of shows, folks! Sure, the script changed many times, and the songs have been rewritten, but the male lead has stayed the same. Jim grew to fill the role of this notorious outlaw perfectly, both on and off stage. Need I say any more?

Anyhow…it just seems that there were many shifts occuring in Skagway this summer. Jim retiring, other stores closing, people moving, etc. It’s sort of weird to watch a town shift so dramatically in just a summers’ time.

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