17 Jan
It’s times like these when I wish I didn’t have kids or responsibilities…just so Jared and I could be on the first flight to a place like Haiti to lend a hand. But, alas, life has its responsibilties, and so life continues as it always does. I dream that perhaps in 15 years, when our then-youngest children will be old enough to be helpful, that we can be a blessing to someone else, somewhere in the world.
Meanwhile, a young couple who are from my home town in Kansas (I was good friends with the girls’ older sister growing up) happened to be in Haiti when the earthquake struck. It was fascinating for me to read the account on their blog about their arrival in Haiti, their travels from day-to-day, and their records of Trip Day #8 when the earthquake struck, and their life experience was forever changed. Thanks to the generosity of some other stranded foreigners (who let them hop on their $7200 privately chartered helicopter), they were able to catch a flight out of the there, after several days spent “roughing it” with other stranded visitors. If you want an inside look at the before-and-after, check out their blog! I personally enjoyed going to Day #1, and reading forward in time!



One Response to “Haiti”

  1. leadatortilla January 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    Hi Alisa – I think Karen's story is amazing too. I'm amazed at the people who have jumped and gone – to just be there and help. Amazing. I wanted to mention you might want to change your link – it takes you to day 1 – but not to the rest of the blog. Perhaps just post the blog link? Does that make sense? Loved the post about Christmas too!

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