Why NOT to shop at Super Lake in Ajijic…

1 Mar
The Americans frequent a grocery store called “Super Lake” in Ajijic. I have only been there once before, and decided I should check it out again, so that I can know what they have. They bring in more imported items than the other stores in the area, and therefore their prices can be a little crazy.

For example, in Mexico they have VERY limited cereal brands. But Super Lake carries MANY American cereal brands, at a whooping $99 pesos each (generally, it is safe to assume that the US equivalent is 10% of the MX Pesos…although the exchange rate is a bit better). $9 for a box of cereal? I think not…

How about $170 pesos (~$17) for a small jar of yeast? (Thank you, Marilyn–for bringing me a giant bag of yeast from Costco when you visited us last month!)

Peanut butter is no longer the rarity it used to be. However, you can only find it in small jars (except for at 1 of the 3 Costcos in Guadalajara), for $53.90 pesos (~$5.39). I’ll stick to Costco (I’m also very thankful that Jared has given up his peanut butter and jelly obsession for now. He seems to just be hooked to toast with jelly right now!).

And last, but not least…Jared’s past time of sneaking chocolate chips won’t pass here (sorry for the “misappearing” chocolate chips this past year, Mom & Dad!). $78.90 pesos ($7.89) for a normal sized bag of chocolate chips? No chocolate chip cookies here!

I will stick to Costco, Walmart (yes, I’m ashamed), and the local markets. Oh, and my other new love…MEGA. More on that later 🙂

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One Response to “Why NOT to shop at Super Lake in Ajijic…”

  1. leadatortilla March 2, 2011 at 4:31 am #

    ohhhh, I'd soooo miss my cheerio stash. What would I do there??!! Do Mexicans drink hot coco and eat crackers for breakfast? That's traditinal in argentina… wait, it was coffee or Mate…. but coco was my version.

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