Speaking of…

24 Jul

If we’re talking about “what comes up, must go down”…I must point out another little tidbit that always surprises me.

Homes in Mexico are built from brick, which are then plastered over. Wiring cavities are hollowed out throughout the walls, and then covered again. I have found that little bugs find their way all the way through a house through these small wiring cavities, and they pop up in the most unusual places.

For example, Jared was cleaning the overhead light covers in our bedroom, and in the girls’ bedroom. The the girls’ room he d found a dead scorpion inside the light cover. It’s absolutely disturbing to think of scorpions falling down from the ceiling.

Then, lately I’ve noticed a fairly large collection of crickets in our overhead light cover.  They aren’t dead–they are moving all around! I thought for sure they would die when we turned on the light, but day after day they have lived on. After several weeks of surviving in our light fixture (most likely on the other smaller bugs (bobos) that have also followed the crickets up the walls), Jared finally set them loose.

Who knew crickets could survive that kind of intense heat?

Crickets in light cover


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