What comes up, must come down…

24 Jul

Imagine our surprise when this little critter was sitting in our toilet one afternoon…

Lizard In ToiletHow did he get there?  Did he squeeze in a door, and find the only sitting water in the house?  Did he come up the pipes? We couldn’t imagine!

So, we did what any reasonable person would do. We slowly closed the toilet lid, and flushed him down. And then Jared flushed it 3 or 4 more times for good measure.

But…30 minutes later…guess what came back up?

You guessed it! He came up THROUGH the sewer pipe, and he really liked our toilet!

My head started swimming with all sorts of scenarios. We could flush him again, but imagine him coming up the toilet while we were SITTING on it?!  Or imagine the girls’ surprise if they were going potty and saw this critter!?

No, flushing him down again would not do. Jared grabbed a bowl and a plate, and easily trapped him inside. We then took him to the empty field next door and let him loose. Problem solved. This time.

One thing is for sure…we will not take an empty toilet for granted again. Beware what lurks below…


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